Which Foods Are Best For Camping

Foods to Take Camping – Your Essential Camping Food List

Stocking your camping kitchen with non-perishable food that doesn’t need refrigeration is a great way to ensure your camping experience is hassle-free, especially if there is not a grocery store close to the camping ground where you’re going. There are many items that should be on your food list for camping dishes that don’t spoil, so you can enjoy a carefree, easy, camping trip without having to worry about your grub going off! Here is a selection of food items for hungry campers you should consider when heading off on your camping trip.

Fuel food


Eggs don’t have to be refrigerated if you store them at a consistent temperature of less than 20°C. Eggs can be used to supply or supplement your main meal and there are many things you can do with them, whether you scramble, fry, poach or boil them.

One quick and easy way to use eggs is to make an omelette for breakfast, while hard-boiled egg and ‘soldiers’ are a great snack to enjoy while watching a sunrise in the wilderness.

Dry foods


Bread is an essential food item that can be used at any mealtime. For breakfast, it’s perfect for making toast, it’s great for making sandwiches for lunch, while beans on toast or hot dogs can provide a quick and easy dinner. Bread can still be used for up to seven days after its best before date, and it should definitely be on your food list for any camping trip due to its versatility.


Cereal and trail mix is great for having any time of day, but is mainly used to start the day right, especially if you have a full day of activities planned. As it is a dry food, cereal won’t perish, and this makes it a must-have on the camping food list. Trail mix (muesli) and porridge oats are two of the cereals you should consider having in stock.


Rice is great for making ‘one pot’ delicious meals and it can be used for curries, paella, chilli con Carne and so much more. Rice is non-perishable and makes a great food to fill the stomach after a day filled with adventure.


Pasta is easy and quick to cook, and non-perishable, making it an ideal main camping meal. Perfect for Macaroni and Cheese or Bolognese, it can be used create carb-filled meals to fill the hungriest of stomachs. Cooking pasta in bulk will allow you to eat it cold for lunch or even as a filling breakfast the next day. If you mix the pasta with some olive oil before it cools down, it won’t congeal and provide you with two meals for the effort of one!


Crackers are camping favourites that are excellent lunchtime or a snack in between. They are also very versatile as you can easily add a wide variety of toppings.

Powdered Milk

Powered mild is great for adding to hot chocolate, coffee, tea and more, as well as for stirring into porridge oats to add some flavour.


Stir in sauces

These will allow you to add flavour to any camping meal and the wide range of curry sauces, chilli sauces, sour cream and pasta sauces available will leave you spoilt for choice.

Tinned food


Tuna is great for filling sandwiches or jacket potatoes and can also be added to pasta dishes to provide wholesome meals for the family or bigger groups to enjoy.


Chickpeas, kidney beans, baked beans, and more are non-perishable food items that are well worth adding to the camping food list as they contain lots of protein. Chickpeas is good for adding to soups, salads, and more, kidney beans can be used to make chilli con Carne, while baked beans are ideal as a dressing for jacket potatoes or for beans on toast.


Tinned vegetables make an excellent part of any main or lunchtime meal. Carrots, peas, sweetcorn, runner beans, mixed veg, mushrooms, and more should be added to your camping food supply to bulk up your camping trip meals.


Soups can be made in minutes, and are available in many flavours, which gives you ample variety. Perfect as a main meal or for lunches, soups are great with buttered toast or plain bread.


As fresh fruits tend to perish very quickly, it’s good to take some tinned fruit or dried fruit to use as a dessert or to accompany breakfast or lunch. Everything from pineapples and peaches to prunes and pears is available in tinned form.


Hot chocolate, coffee and tea

Coffee and tea are perfect beverages for your camping food list to have with breakfast or flask it up to drink on the go, while there is nothing better than hot chocolate as an evening drink to enjoy before tucking in for the night. Don’t forget to pack the mini marshmallows.

Long-life milk

Long-life milk is ideal for camping trips to replace fresh milk and is perfect to pour over cereals or add to hot chocolate, coffee or tea. Make sure you get screw-top cartons that can be resealed after use.



Jam is great to use as a toast topping, stir into oatmeal or for making jam sandwiches for the kids for lunch. Jams can also be used to add different flavours to food.


Barbeque sauce, soy sauce, tomato sauce, mustard, mayonnaise, olive oil and more will allow you to add flavour to camping meals including ground beef, and are essential on your camping food list.


Add some flavour to your cereal or sweeten up your beverages by stirring white or brown sugar into hot chocolate, coffee, and tea.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter is a favourite camping condiment and is packed with protein while making the perfect sandwich filler and toast topping for breakfast or lunch. It can even be spread on crackers and also makes a great chocolate dip. Who doesn’t like peanut butter and jam sandwiches?

Easy Camping Food Ideas That are Quick to make

When camping mealtimes become much easier if you use food that’s ready to eat. If you need something that’s easy and quick to prepare that involves no cooking at all or uses minimal ingredients, here are some ideas of foods you can use to stock your camping kitchen. Whether it’s for dinner, lunch, or breakfast, you can quickly be ready with meals that are almost instant.

Instant noodle pots

Instant noodles are a favourite with many avid campers and are perfect to have for dinner or lunch straight or with ground beef when camping in the great outdoors. Simply add boiling water and enjoy these delicious noodles that are available in a wide variety of different flavours. They’re also great to have while you’re on the go. Put some boiling water in a flask and enjoy a Pot Noodle while you’re out on a adventure trip.

Porridge pots

Pocket-sized porridge pots should be on your camping food list as they are a great way to start any day with a hearty breakfast and they are available in many flavours. All you’ll have to do is add some boiling water and you’ll have an instant breakfast for your fellow campers.


Simply pour the soup straight from the tin into a cooking pot and heat it for a few minutes. This will provide you with a great evening or lunch time meal that will warm you to the core, especially in a chilled environment. Just add toast or bread to pad out the meal. You can alternatively use packet soups as these will save space and weight, including Cup-a-Soup.

Pasta and sauce

Quick and easy to prepare, pasta ‘n’ sauce pots come in several combinations, including chicken and mushroom, cheese and broccoli, mac ‘n’ cheese, and many more. All you need is a magic ingredient, boiling water, and you’ll have a tasty, hearty meal for lunchtime or dinnertime. Pasta ‘n’ sauce pots can also be enjoyed while you’re on the go!

Boil in the bag meals

There are boil in the bag options available for every mealtime, including curries and all-day breakfasts. These pre-cooked bags of food can be consumed hot or cold for a convenient and quick snack or meal at any time of the day.

Veggie pots

Enjoy Mexican, Thai, Moroccan, and many more veggie dishes straight from the pot! Packed with great taste and filled with goodness, pocket-sized veggie pots can be savoured at dinner or lunchtime.

Tinned ready meals

From chillies to stews, you can whip up camping meals fast, straight from the tin. These ready meals can be heated on a camping stove for a group or the whole family and will be ready to eat in minutes.

Freeze-dried Packs

Freeze-dried food pouches are easy to pack and light-weight, making them the perfect foodstuff for camping. With an assortment of dishes available for every mealtime, simply add boiling water and feed your family fast!

Pre-prepared home-cooked meals

Cook camping food at home ahead of time that will last for a few days and it will save you a lot of time while camping, and you simply have to heat them when you’re ready for a meal. Although packaged and tinned food is very convenient, nothing beats the taste of a home-cooked meal when camping in the wild.

Protein Shakes

Protein, as well as other types of powdered food supplements like Huel, make excellent camping meals on the go. They are normally in powder form and should be mixed with water or milk depending on your taste. As these shakes have been designed for the fitness industry, they have a good balance of Fats, complex Carbohydrates, fibre and Proteins to replenish nutrients that have been Proteins and they can easily serve as a tasty treat.