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    All You Need To Know

    You will likely have heard about Glamping or Luxury Camping if you’ve looked into any type of camping. So what is Glamping? Glamping is about going off the beaten track and getting yourself out into the peaceful, empty and vast wilderness of Ireland to spend time truly alone with the world, while also having running (hot) water and a proper toilet.

    Below we will look at Glamping that will help you to have the experience of a lifetime, and these include what is wild camping is it legal, what equipment will I need and the best places to go Wild Camping in Ireland


    Glamping, also known as luxury camping, comes from the words’ glamorous’ and ‘camping’. Glamping as a concept has been in existence for a very long time (think African safari), but the name was first used in 2005.

    Glamping is a growing trend here in Ireland, with more people looking to get back to nature and still have modern amenities from home, or as my wife not sleep on the floor in a wet sleeping bag with snoring husband next to you.

    Glamping has grown significantly in Ireland and Northern Ireland in the last few years, with now over 100 Glamping sites around the country. These range from Luxury Tents, Glamping Pods, Glass Bubbles, Train Carriages and even “Gypsy” Caravans.

    The Difference between Glamping & Camping

    The key difference between these two is that camping only involves necessities, while glamping includes extra luxuries. For example, you can get air conditioning and wi-fi while glamping (yeah really), but these are not seen when camping.

    Also, glamping offers a broader choice of accommodation than camping. Some of these options include yurts, cottages, tipis, safari tents, and treehouses. For camping, your only real option would be staying in a tent.

    Glamping is also usually done in selected glamping sites, and these can have fences and the necessary security. There is a meagre chance that you will ever run into the local wildlife while glamping since the sites are managed just like resorts.

    Since camping is typically done in open spaces, you shouldn’t be surprised if you encounter an unexpected visitor.

    There is also a difference in the food you can eat while camping and glamping. With camping, you will usually have to carry your own food. If you are camping for long periods, the food will have to be preserved in tins or packets since you will not have the luxury of a modern refrigerator. Glamping is different in that you will have access to things like a proper bed, toilets or even a private BBQ.

    Campers and glampers also dress differently. For campers, the dressing is all about functionality. For example, if they intend to camp in a cold place, they will dress in very warm clothes. Glampers can dress however they like since they will usually not need to keep you warm and dry.

    Types of Glamping Accommodation

    There are many different types of accommodation available for glamping in Ireland, here are some of the common types of glamping accommodation:


    These houses have been used for more than 2000 years. Initially, they were invented in Mongolia. The modern-day yurts are designed with fabric walls and a dome roof, and they generally have a round appearance.  


    Tipis mainly have a round shape and fabric walls. The form of the house gives it stability and light construction. A key difference between tipis and yurts is the size of the interior space. Tipis are smaller on the inside, and that means they are more comfortable to keep warm in the winter or fresh in the summer. 


    These are luxury Caravans which were used initially in the early 20th century, mainly in America. They are known to be highly luxurious and stylish, and they are ideal for glampers who want to stand out of the crowd. 

    Bell tents

    These tents have woven or cloth sides. They are designed with a single supporting pole, and that sets them apart from the tipis. The walls of bell tents are held in a stable position by some cables which are attached to the ground. These structures are among the most portable of all glamping accommodation options. They are especially ideal for larger groups of people. 

    Safari tents

    These tents were first used by wealthy glampers who wanted to explore the untouched areas of Africa luxuriously. The shape of these tents is like that of a traditional house, and to make them luxurious, they are divided into various rooms. They also have screen windows which can be opened at any time. 


    These houses can be built on the branches of a tree, or they can be raised from the ground using stilts. To enter the treehouse, you may have to use ladders or rope bridges.