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Are you looking for a unique and affordable way to explore Ireland? Have you considered renting a caravan? Caravan hire in Ireland is a popular option for travellers who want the freedom to explore the country at their own pace.

Ireland is a stunning country with picturesque landscapes, charming towns, and rich history. It’s no wonder that it’s a popular destination for tourists. However, hotels and resorts can be expensive, and traditional tours can be limiting. That’s where caravan hire comes in – it allows you to travel on your terms and at your own pace.

If you’re considering a caravan instead of campervan hire or motorhome hire in Ireland, you may wonder what to expect and how to plan your trip. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about caravan hire in Ireland, including the benefits, the process, and some tips for making the most of your trip. Whether you’re a seasoned camper or a first-time traveller, caravan Rental in Ireland is an experience you will remember.

Caravan Hire Companies


Windsor Holiday Park

138 Dundrum Road, Newcastle, Co.Down,  BT33 0LN


Tel: 028 4372 3367

Quinns Caravans

122 Limehill Rd, Pomeroy, Dungannon, County Tyrone BT70 2RY

Website –

Tel: 028 8775 8654

Blairs Holiday Parks

60 Loguestown Road, Portrush, Co Antrim, BT56 8PD.


Tel: 028 7082 3537

Drumhoney Holiday Park

12 Drumhoney Lane, Lisnarick, Enniskillen County Fermanagh,  BT94 1NB


Tel: +44028 0686 01892


Oriordans Caravan Hire

Owenahincha, Rosscarbery, Co. Cork P85 HP93

Tel: +353214541825

Burkes Caravan Park

Shanagarry Near Garryvoe Midleton Co. Cork P25 A432

Website –

Tel: 021-4646796

Facebook –

Fitzmaurice Caravan Hire

Tramore, Co. Waterford X91 X2WH

Website –

Tel: +353 51 381 466

Fitzmaurice Caravan Hire

Tramore, Co. Waterford X91 X2WH

Website –

Tel: +353 51 381 466


Caravan Hire Ireland



Website –

Tel: 085 7659 300

Facebook –

Ocean Island Caravan Park

Fethard-on-Sea, New Ross, Co Wexford, Ireland

Wexford Caravan Hire




Inny Camping & Caravans

Rathskeagh, Ballymore, Co. Westmeath

Tel: (044)9356566


Leitrim Caravan Hire

Carrick On Shannon Co Leitrim


Tel: 0892402030

Facebook –

McHale Caravan & Marine

Cloonduane, Belcarra, Castlebar, Co. Mayo, F23 AT81


Tel: (094) 9032082


Atlantic Caravan Park

Atlantic Caravan Park

Enniscrone, Co Sligo


Tel: +353 (0)96 36132



Camplify is an owner-rented platform. The caravans are owned and rented out like and Air B&b but with better accommodation lol. It’s worth looking at this as most that we have seen have been someone’s pride and joy and not just like a rental car thrashed to an inch of its life.

What is a Caravan?

A caravan is a mobile home or trailer designed to be towed behind a vehicle. Caravans are typically used for recreational travel and offer a self-contained living space with amenities such as a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping quarters. They can range in size from small teardrop trailers to large fifth-wheel trailers. They can be made from aluminium, fibreglass, or wood.

Caravans are famous for their flexibility and mobility. They can be towed to different destinations and set up in campgrounds or other locations with appropriate facilities. They are also popular for their affordability. They can be cheaper than staying in hotels or renting a vacation home.

Caravanning is popular in many countries, including the UK and Australia. There are dedicated caravan parks and campgrounds with electrical hookups and water and sewage disposal facilities. Caravan owners can also participate in caravanning clubs and events, which provide opportunities to meet other enthusiasts and travel together in convoys.

How Much Does It Cost To rent a Caravan in Ireland?

The cost of renting a caravan in Ireland can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of caravan, the time of year, and the duration of the rental period. In general, rental prices for a basic caravan in Ireland can range from €50 to €150 per day during peak season (July-August) and from €30 to €100 per day during off-peak season.

There may also be additional costs, such as insurance, security deposits, and extra equipment or accessories. Some rental companies may offer package deals or discounts for more extended rental periods or for bookings made in advance.

Researching and comparing rental companies to find the best deal and reading the terms and conditions carefully to avoid unexpected costs or fees is essential.

Types Of Caravans

There are several types of caravans available, each with its own unique features and design:

  1. Conventional Caravans: These are the most common type of caravan, designed to be towed behind a vehicle and offering a self-contained living space with amenities such as a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping quarters. They come in various sizes, from small teardrop trailers to large fifth-wheel trailers, and can be made from multiple materials.
  2. Pop-Up Caravans: Also known as folding caravans or camper trailers, pop-up caravans are designed to fold down for easy towing and storage. When set up, they offer a comfortable living space with amenities such as a kitchen, dining area, and sleeping quarters. They are particularly popular for off-road travel and can be set up quickly and easily in remote locations.
  3. Motorhomes: Unlike conventional caravans, motorhomes are self-propelled and do not require a separate towing vehicle. They offer a more integrated living space with features such as a cab area, living area, and sleeping quarters. They can range in size from small van conversions to large bus-style motorhomes and offer high mobility and convenience.
  4. Fifth-Wheel Trailers: These are larger and more luxurious caravans designed to be towed by a pick-up truck with a special fifth-wheel hitch. They offer a spacious and comfortable living space with amenities such as a full-size kitchen, living area, and multiple bedrooms. They are particularly popular for long-term travel or as permanent residence.
  5. Teardrop Trailers are small, lightweight caravans with a distinctive teardrop shape. They offer an essential living space with amenities such as a bed, a small kitchenette and a little storage space. They are popular for their compact size and easy towing. They are particularly well-suited for a weekend road trip or short-term travel.

These are just a few caravans, each with unique features and benefits. The choice of caravan will depend on your individual needs, preferences, and budget.

What is the difference between a Caravan and Campervan?

A campervan and a caravan are recreational vehicles that offer a mobile and flexible way to travel and explore. However, there are some critical differences between the two:

  1. Design and Size: A campervan hire combines living quarters and a driving cab into a single unit. A caravan, on the other hand, is a separate living unit that is towed behind a vehicle. Caravans come in various sizes, from small teardrop trailers to large fifth-wheel trailers. At the same time, campervans are generally smaller and more compact.
  2. Mobility: Campervans are more manoeuvrable and easier to drive, designed to be driven like a regular car or van. Caravans, however, require a tow vehicle and can be more challenging to navigate on narrow or winding roads.
  3. Amenities: Both campervan rental and caravans can offer a range of amenities, such as a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping quarters. However, campervans tend to be more self-contained and may include features such as a stove, fridge, and water tank. At the same time, caravans may require external hookups for power, water, and sewage.
  4. Cost: Campervans and caravans vary in price depending on their size, age, and features. Generally, campervans tend to be more expensive due to their self-contained design. At the same time, caravans can be a more affordable option for those already owning a suitable tow vehicle.

Choosing between a campervan hire and a caravan will depend on your preferences and needs. Campervans offer more mobility and convenience. Caravans provide more living space and a better option for longer trips or larger groups.

Why You Should Choose a Caravan instead of a Campervan?

There are several reasons why you might choose to hire a caravan over a campervan for your trip to Ireland:

  1. Space: Caravans generally offer more living space than campervans, which can be particularly useful if you travel with a larger group or plan to spend an extended period on the road, such as travelling through the rural seaside villages of the wild atlantic way
  2. Cost: Caravans are often less expensive to rent than campervans, especially if you’re looking for a basic, no-frills model. Additionally, because caravans can be detached from your vehicle, you may save on fuel costs by leaving the caravan at your campsite. At the same time, you explore the local area in a smaller car.
  3. Comfort: Caravans can offer a more comfortable sleeping experience than campervans, as they often have more extensive beds and more space to move around. Additionally, because caravans can be detached from your vehicle, you can set up camp and leave your caravan in one spot. At the same time, you visit the surrounding area in a smaller, more nimble vehicle.
  4. Flexibility: Because caravans can be detached from your vehicle, you have more flexibility regarding where to camp. This means that you can stay in a wider variety of campsites, including those that may not be suitable for campervans due to size restrictions or other factors and still be go visit places like Dublin, the Blarney Stone or the more rural seaside villages of the wild Atlantic way in Galway

Whether to hire a caravan or a campervan depends on your preferences and travel needs. A caravan may be your better choice if you value space, comfort, and flexibility. However, a campervan may be the way to go if you want a more compact and manoeuvrable option.

Can I park my caravan anywhere in Ireland?

No, you cannot park your caravan anywhere in Ireland. Following the laws and regulations regarding caravan parking and camping in Ireland is essential to avoid fines or other penalties.

Caravan parking is generally allowed only in designated areas such as campsites, caravan parks, and designated motorhome parking areas. Parking on public roads or in unauthorised locations is prohibited. It may result in fines or the towing of the caravan.

It is also important to check local bylaws and regulations where you plan to park your caravan. Some areas may have specific restrictions or rules regarding parking and camping. Planning and researching potential parking options is always best before starting your trip.

How long can a caravan stay on site

The length of time a caravan can stay on a site in Ireland can vary depending on the specific site and its policies. Generally, most campsites and caravan parks will have a maximum stay policy, ranging from a few days to several weeks.

The maximum stay policy is usually put in place to ensure adequate space and resources for all visitors and prevent site overcrowding or misuse. Some sites may also have seasonal restrictions, limiting the length of stay during certain times of the year.

It is essential to check with the site or park management regarding their maximum stay policy and any other rules or regulations that may apply before booking your stay. Exceeding the maximum stay policy may result in additional fees, fines, or the need to relocate the caravan to another site.

Best Places In Ireland To Go With A Caravan

Ireland has some beautiful locations for caravan tours, and here are some of the best places to tour with a caravan in Ireland:

  1. Ring of Kerry – This is one of the most scenic drives in Ireland and offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, beaches, and countryside.
  2. Connemara – This area of outstanding natural beauty offers rugged landscapes, mountains, lakes, and beaches.
  3. Causeway Coastal Route – This is a stunning coastal drive in Northern Ireland, offering views of rugged cliffs, picturesque villages, and the famous Giant’s Causeway.
  4. Wild Atlantic Way – This is one of the longest coastal routes in the world and offers stunning views of the rugged coastline, beaches, cliffs, and islands.
  5. Dingle Peninsula – This area offers stunning scenery, including the Blasket Islands, sandy beaches, rugged cliffs, and historic sites.
  6. Donegal – This area is known for its rugged landscapes, sandy beaches, and historic sites, including the Glenveagh National Park and Slieve League Cliffs. Is also the start of the Wild Atlantic Way
  7. Wicklow Mountains – This area is known for its stunning scenery, including the Wicklow Way walking trail, Glendalough Valley, and Powerscourt Waterfall.
  8. Boyne Valley – This area is steeped in history and offers ancient sites, such as the Newgrange burial chamber, as well as scenic countryside.
  9. Irelands Ancient East –

Overall, Ireland is a great destination for caravan tours, offering stunning scenery, historic sites, and friendly locals.

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Caravan Hire FAQs

What type of driver’s license do I need to rent a caravan in Ireland?

To rent a caravan in Ireland, you must have a valid driver’s license covering the type of vehicle you plan to rent. In general, you will need a Category B driving license covering cars and vehicles weighing up to 3,500 kg

What is included in the rental price of a caravan in Ireland?

The rental price of a caravan in Ireland may vary depending on the rental company and the specific model of the caravan. In general, rental prices typically include the rental of the caravan itself, insurance, and some essential equipment such as a gas cylinder, kitchen utensils, and bedding. Additional equipment, such as camping chairs and tables, may be available for an extra fee.

What are the pick-up and drop-off locations for caravan hire in Ireland?

The pick-up and drop-off locations for caravan in Ireland may vary depending on the rental company. Some rental companies may offer pick-up and drop-off at their offices or in designated areas. In contrast, others may offer delivery and collection services for an additional fee.

What are the age restrictions for renting a caravan in Ireland?

The age restrictions for renting a caravan in Ireland may vary depending on the rental company. Generally, most rental companies require drivers to be at least 25 years old and have at least two years of driving experience. Some companies may also need a clean driving record or charge an additional fee for younger drivers.

What should I do if I need help with my rental caravan in Ireland?

Contact the rental company immediately if you experience any issues or problems with your rental caravan in Ireland. They will be able to advise you on what steps to take. They can provide assistance or arrange for repairs if necessary. Following the rental company’s guidelines for maintaining and using the caravan is essential to avoid any potential issues.

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