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Top 20 Best Places to Go Glamping in Ireland 

 What is Glamping?

Glamping, or luxury camping, comes from the words’ glamorous’ and ‘camping’. Glamping has existed for a long time (think African safari), but the name was first used in 2005. 

Glamping is a growing trend here in Ireland, with more people looking to return to nature and still have modern amenities from home, or as my wife, not sleep on the floor in a wet sleeping bag with a snoring husband next to you.

Glamping has grown significantly in Ireland and Northern Ireland in the last few years, with over 100 sites around the country. These range from Luxury Tents, Glamping Pods, Glass Bubbles, Train Carriages and even “Gypsy” Caravans.

 What is the Difference between Glamping and Camping?

The key difference between these two is that Camping only involves necessities, while glamping includes extra luxuries. For example, you can get air conditioning and Wi-Fi while glamping (yeah, really), but these are not seen when Camping. 

Also, glamping offers a broader choice of accommodation than Camping. These options include yurts, cottages, tipis, safari tents, and treehouses. For Camping, your only real option would be staying in a tent. 

Glamping is also usually done in selected sites, which can have fences and the necessary security. There is a meagre chance that you will ever run into the local wildlife while glamping since the sites are managed just like resorts. 

Since Camping is typically done in open spaces, you shouldn’t be surprised if you encounter an unexpected visitor. 

 There is also a difference in the food you can eat while Camping and glamping. With Camping, you will usually have to carry your food. If you are camping for long periods, the food must be preserved in tins or packets since you will not have the luxury of a modern refrigerator. Glamping is different because you can access things like a proper bed, toilets or even a private BBQ. 

Campers and glampers also dress differently. For campers, the dressing is all about functionality. For example, they will dress warmly if they intend to camp in a cold place. Glampers can dress however they like since they will usually not need to keep you warm and dry.

 Types of Accommodation

There are many different types of accommodation available for glamping in Ireland; here are some of the common types of glamping accommodation:


These houses have been used for more than 2000 years. Initially, they were invented in Mongolia. The modern-day yurts are designed with fabric walls and a dome roof and generally have a round appearance.  


Tipis mainly have a round shape and fabric walls. The form of the house gives it stability and light construction. A key difference between tipis and yurts is the size of the interior space. Tipis are smaller on the inside, meaning they are more comfortable keeping warm in the winter or fresh in the summer. 


These luxury Caravans were used initially in the early 20th century, mainly in America. They are known to be highly luxurious and stylish, and they are ideal for glampers who want to stand out from the crowd. 

 Bell tents

These tents have woven or cloth sides. They are designed with a single supporting pole, which sets them apart from the tipis. The walls of bell tents are held in a stable position by some cables attached to the ground. These structures are among the most portable of all glamping accommodation options. They are especially ideal for larger groups of people. 

 Safari tents

These tents were first used by wealthy glampers who wanted to luxuriously explore the untouched areas of Africa. The shape of these tents is like that of a traditional house; to make them luxurious, they are divided into various rooms. They also have screen windows which can be opened at any time. 


These houses can be built on the branches of a tree, or they can be raised from the ground using stilts. You may have to use ladders or rope bridges to enter the treehouse. 

 Top 20 Places to Go Glamping in Ireland

 1. Teapot Lane – Donegal

 Teapot Lane is located near Bundoran, Donegal, and it is known to be one of the best glamping spots in the region. The site is best known as a getaway for hen parties. It has an attractive range of hen packages, allowing you to send her off in style. 

Teapot Lane is also a great place for hikes and outdoor eating. Since it is located just minutes from the beach, you can also enjoy various water sports. You can go glamping on this site with children, but you will be required to stay by their side at all times. 

Although alcohol is allowed on the site, you might be asked to leave if you get excessively drunk and uncontrollable. 

 2. Rock Farm – Meath

 If you are into ecotourism, this can be an excellent glamping site. The place can accommodate many people, including families, large groups of up to 30 people, solo travellers, and couples. 

Besides ecotourism, the place is excellent for weddings, stag parties, hen parties, and corporate events. You can participate in multiple events while staying at the Rock Farm. These include cycling, hiking, and kayaking. 

 3. Blackstairs Eco Trails Shepherd’s Huts – Carlow

 These two huts are centrally located in the Blackstairs Eco Trails at Co Carlow. This will be your perfect glamping spot if you like eco trails but dislike places with a pushy message. 

The site has a pleasant and relaxing aura, making it the ideal hideout from busy cities. The owners of the place offer guided walks through the area and will even organise treasure hunts for you as the guests.

 As the hosts are informed, you can learn much about natural history and the environment on this trail. Also, there is a library for anyone curious about their surroundings. 

 4. Rivervalley – Wicklow

 Rivervalley Holiday Park is another excellent glamping spot, and it is located in Wicklow. If you like glamping with your family, consider visiting this park, as it is specially developed for kids. 

It has a children’s club, a movie night, and even a disco, all of which are great places for kids to hand out. Also, it shuts down at 11 pm, meaning everyone can enjoy a peaceful night without noise. 

During the day, you can enjoy riding remote-controlled cars and boats, golfing, pool games, and bikes. The camp has a separate children-free zone where adults can have fun without being bothered by kids. 

 5. Kinsale Glamping – Cork

 Kinsale Glamping only has two properties: a yurt and a gardener’s lodge. You should note that the yurts are a two-night minimum stay, not for the camper on a budget. 

The glamping site has a garden of herbs, apples, figs, and cherry trees. This green and serene environment will make you feel at peace with nature. 

 6. Killarney Glamping – Kerry

 Killarney Glamping in Kerry is an ideal site for a romantic getaway. The place is designed to offer high levels of privacy and relaxation, both necessary for the perfect time with your significant other. 

You will have a clear view of the Kerry Mountains from the site. If you love nature, you can even visit Killarney National Park, which is less than a mile away from this place. 

You can further your relaxation by visiting the Zen day spa close to this glamping site.

 7. Tepee Valley – Armagh

 Teepee Valley is located in Co Armagh, and it provides one of the most homely experiences. The facilities on this site are always very well maintained. The area has a range of accommodation options, including a teepee, a log cabin, a gipsy caravan, yurts, and geodesic domes. 

Tepee Valley offers excellent views and is in the middle of several attractions. Some nearby points of interest include Gosford Forest Park, Clare Glen Woodland, Scarva Park, and Gosford Karting. 

Many restaurants also surround the place, which can make for a romantic evening. 

 8. Crom Estate – Fermanagh

Crom Estate is located along the shores of Upper Lough Erne. The glamping site is located by the visitor’s centre of the national reserve, just next to the main camping site. 

Its location in a national reserve will allow you to see various flora and fauna. You should consider glamping in the area with your kids since many activities are primarily meant for children. 

Some include geocaching, pond dipping, boat riding, and bug hunting. The place will provide the necessary equipment for these activities. 

 9. Pure Camping – Clare

 This site is located in Co Clare, Ireland. Glampers are welcome to visit this site between May and September for an amazing holiday. The accommodation options in the area include bell tents and eco-wooden cabins. 

Pure Camping is located 15 minutes away from the beach, meaning you can enjoy a few water sports while glamping here. You can join the yoga or meditation sessions at the glamping site to calm your mind. 

 10. Todds Leap – Tyrone

 Todds Leap offers everything you would want in an outdoor holiday. It was actually voted the best activity centre in all of North Ireland. Stag parties, boot camps, hen parties, and corporate team-building exercises are trendy on the site. 

Many big corporations have hosted team-building events at Todds Leap, including KPMG, Coca-Cola, and Danske Bank. If you want to have fun with a group of five people or less, you can get affordable accommodation here. 

It is also an excellent place for people who love adrenaline rushes as people can engage in activities like zip-lining, off-road driving, hill rallies, wall climbing, and the giant swing. 

 11. Mountain Sky Glamping – Derry

 Mountain Sky is located on Ash Park farm in the stunning Sperrin Mountains of the North West of Ireland. This area has been designated as an area of outstanding natural beauty. The views and walks are something to admire, giving you peace. 

The site is about 30 minutes away from the beaches of the Causeway Coast, which means you can enjoy some water sports. Some nearby beaches always have very few people and can be very quiet. You can visit them to enjoy a romantic walk with your significant other. 

And if you like riding horses and taking interesting walks, consider exploring the surrounding areas. Cycling, golf, and fishing are other excellent activities near this site. 

 12. Pink Apple Orchard – Leitrim

 Pink Apple Orchard is one of the most luxurious eco-glamping retreats in Ireland. Here, you can stay at a unique hobbit house, a teepee, a Gypsy wagon, or three stylised Celtic Yurts. 

The place has family rooms, all of which are smoke-free. Also, you can accompany your dog or cat since the site is pet-friendly. Many visitors have also noted that the food was unbelievably good. 

If you don’t want to try their BBQ, go to The Rowan Tree restaurant or Devitt’s Bar, just a few metres away. 

 13. East Coast Adventures – Down

 East Coast Adventures Glamping is located near Rostrevor in County Down, about 3 miles away. Because of its remote location, the glamping site has limited phone signals and internet connectivity. That makes this place the perfect escape from the busy life in the town. 

You will love the spectacular views of the valley and will experience the highest levels of relaxation. This place is quite popular among mountain bikers as it has multiple well-marked trails. You can bring some food and drinks to enhance your peace on your holiday. 

 14. Battlebridge Caravan – Leitrim

 Battlebridge Caravan is located at Carrick-on-Shannon in Ireland. At this glamping site, you can enjoy accommodation in stilted cabins, eco-pods, shepherd’s huts, and vintage caravans. 

Each option can accommodate up to four people, making them ideal for families and small groups. This glamping site is located close to many major attractions. 

One is the Costello Memorial Chapel, built towards the end of the 19th century. You will also be close to the Aura Leitrim Leisure Centre and Cryan’s Traditional Irish Music Bar. Most people love the bar within the site and do not find it necessary to go elsewhere. 

 15. Emerald Glamping – Offaly

 This glamping site has four yurts and two cabins, all containing homemade beds and chairs. The furnishings are pretty soft and luxurious. 

A large campfire is usually lit at night, and that can make your experience feel more traditional. Some activities you can enjoy in this area include kayaking and cycling. 

Emerald Glamping is child-friendly and contains a kids’ play yurt.

 16. Wildflower Glamping – Cavan

 Wildflower Glamping is located at Co Cavan in Ireland. The best thing about this glamping site is that it is at the top of a hill. From the site, you will be able to enjoy excellent views of the countryside. 

Cavan town, around 4 miles away, is nearest this glamping site. This means the site is far from the noise and hurry of modern life…..but you can still pop in for supplies.

Many visitors have described it as the most tranquil place they have ever visited. The accommodation options in the area include a yurt, hobbit house, bell tent, and Wanderly cabin. 

 17. Old Forge Glamping – Wicklow

 Old Forge Glamping is an enclave of a log cabins and several yurts. The place is set in the Wicklow Hills. You will appreciate that every log cabin and yurt has a campfire and BBQ. 

Also, there is an outdoor bar which you can visit for a good time. If you want to enjoy other outdoor activities, you can go to Rathwood. There is a woodland walk, an eaterie, and a maze of Ireland. 

The Chocolate Garden is another beautiful place near the Old Forge Glamping. Here, you will find some exciting chocolate workplaces. If you own a horse, don’t be afraid of bringing him glamping with you in this place. There is a 21-km x-country path known as the Munny Trail, which can be used by horse owners who want to bring their horses along. Your horse can rest in the stables or walled garden paddocks at night. 

 18. Inch Hideaway – Cork

 This enchanting eco-friendly hideaway is located close to Cobh in Ireland. The glamping site is wholly green and looks like a fairy village. Besides the eco-sustainability, you will love this village’s full range of activities. 

These activities include bike riding, surfing, cliff walking, and kayaking. The site has sensors which can ease your navigation in poor weather. Some site sections do not have strong Wi-Fi connectivity and can mainly be relaxing. 

If you need to use the internet, you should go to the main house…..but why would you, you are on holiday!

 19. Pod Umna Village – Galway

 Pod Umna Village is located in an urban setting at the heart of Portumna Town. Accommodation in this place is in the form of pods, huts, and cabins. 

The eco pods are designed in a tree-lined village landscape. They can accommodate up to five people at a time, meaning the average family can comfortably use them. The pods in this place can make a great hang-out spot for the day or night. 

The shepherd’s hut can be cheaper than the pods, but it only sleeps two people. There are also B&B rooms which are the most affordable in the place. You can pick the self-catering option, which is unrestricted, or the breakfast hamper, which will cost you a small amount of money. 

 20. Burren Glamping – Clare

 Burren Glamping is a unique farm accommodation in the Burren and Cliffs of Moher Geopark, close to the Kilfenora. It has a traditional feel and is quite scenic, making it one of the best places to unwind on the weekends. 

A few metres from this place is a preserved Iron Age site called the Tullagh Ringfort. This place is also great for stargazing as it has minimal light pollution. 

Around Burren Glamping, you can observe some unique species of flora, impressive archaeological remains, and stunning geological formations. Since the site is a farm, you can also expect to meet some animals like pigs, donkeys and chickens. 

The farm owners do not use fertilisers or pesticides since they focus on sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Some of your food in the place will be obtained from the animals on the farm.

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